MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE / Kobra, übernehmen Sie!
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Welcome to the "Kobra Team" website!
One of the most famous TV series was produced between 1966 and 1973: Mission: Impossible!  In the 1980s a SpinOff was made, but it wasn't nearly as good as the Original. In 1996 and 2000, two "Mission: Impossible" movies were made featuring Tom Cruise as the main character.  However, they had nothing in common with the series. They looked a bit like  James Bond movies.

In Germany, the Impossible Mission Force was called the "Kobra Team", because all  tape-scenes ended with the additional sentence "Kobra, take over!" which was simply added by German synchronization.

Main area of this website is a complete collection of everything that deals with the series, such as posters, books, toys, videos etc. 
Furthermore, you'll find one of the most complete list of goofs and flubs.
However, this website covers mainly the TV-Shows.

This site does not cover infos about episodes or the cast of Mission: Impossible. There are good websites about that allready.
For details have a look at the Links. 
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News:   * Last Update: January 2011.
             * New Flubs in Seasons two, three and seven. Some flubs in season two, five and six still need to be translated.
             * There are rumors about a fourth Mission-Impossible movie with Tom Cruise.
             * All seasons of the original TV-Show are available on DVD.
             * I have new Posters and Lobby Cards but it will take a while till they will be displayed here.
             * An article about the latest M:I Film by John Small
             * Unfortunately, I had to close the guestbook due to too much spam.