Many of the ads shown here are so called "Announcement Trade Ads". Such ads were often  targeted to the Entertainment industry and ranged from Oscar, Emmy or Golden Globe ads (placed to attract academy members' votes), box office ads (placed to show Box Office Earnings), and announcemnet ads (to inform the industry and press of  movies in production etc..).

Desilu's ad, dated 18th April 1967, suggesting the TV-series Star Trek and Mission: Impossible for Emmy-nomination.

Ad, dated 1968, promoting Peter Graves for Emmy consideration for his role as Jim Phelps.

Announcement trade ad for Eartha Kitt in Mission: Impossible "The Traitor", 1967. 

Announcement trade ad announcing Martin Landau's  first guest appearance on Mission Impossible, 1966

Ad from 1968, promoting Martin Landau for Emmy consideration for his role as Rollin Hand.

Ad from 1968, promoting Barbara Bain

Japanese Poster Ad, promoting the sale of video tapes.

 Color glossy promo ad from 1967 for a LP with M:I music by Lalo Schifrin,10x 14 inch


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