Merchandise & Miscellaneous

Channel Master mini reel-to-reel tape recorder.
A recorder like that was used in many tape-scenes.

Viewmaster Slideshow, 1968

M:I-Boardgame, USA. Ideal 1966

M:I-Boardgame, UK, 
Berwick Toys 1975 

Text Adventure Game for Commodore VIC 20 (VC20), published in 1981 by Commodore Business Machines. Thanks to Cameron Kaiser for mailing this one to me.

Games for Consoles:
Mission Impossible, Nintendo 64 (top); Playstation (bottom); 
Nintendo NES (right)

Konami PC-Game, 1990

Game for Gameboy, 2000

LP Radio station copy with the original Mission Impossible cast promoting the Small Business Administration Public Service

Mission: Impossible phone cards
Belgacom, Belgium

 MPC Mission Impossible Roadster model. 
The car is a 1969 Dodge, driven by Phelps.

matchbox-toy,star-car-series (sc06), 1998

cigar bands made by Rokende Jan, early 1970s

Announcemnt Trade Ads and other Ads
 can be found here! 

Trading cards. Available motives, origin etc. is unknown to me. I appreciate any hints. According to a hint by Thierry, their origin is most likely the Netherlands.

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