Flubs of M:I - The new Series: Season Two

Goofs concerning bad storyline can be found here: http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/
I try to find flubs of a kind that something is shown that is definetly false
. Eg. a clock that show 2pm and one scene later 1pm...


Episode 26 - Target - Earth

- "In the opening disc scene where Jim is to receive his mission, he walks up
to a librarian who is announcing that the library is now closed. A few minutes later, he receives
the mission, and the recorded voice says, "Good morning, Jim." Since when does a library
close early in the morning?
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/


Episode 27  - The Fuehrer's Children

This Episode was never shown in Germany, because  the topic neo-Nazis was considered inappropriate for entertainment. Tony Hamilton (Max) plays in one scene a Hamburg customs officer. On his chest he has a badge with a bad spelling mistake: "Blud und Eisen" (It should read "Blut". That's like writing bloot instead of blood). The look of the uniform including badge is free invention by the way . Furthermore his opposite makes remarks about  the military service ("I served in this unit when I was in the service"). But a customs officer usually did not serve in the army or navy but in the police (at least in Germany). 

In a short cut a hilly Bavarian landscape is shown. However, the hotel where everything happens, is suposed to be only 12 miles from Hamburg. But the landscape is flat there - the next mountains are  several hundred kilometers/miles away.


 Episode 29 - For Art's Sake

- "The teaser sequence in which Travers steals the Montoya painting doesn't
make much sense at all. For one thing, he only cuts the painting vertically on both sides, but not
horizontally. However, it falls out of the frame anyway. Also, we don't see the painting land on
the floor, but by watching how it falls, you can tell it definitely did not land the way the camera
shows it does.
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/

 - "When Travers removes his knife from the guard's back, if you watch it in
slo-mo, you can see that for a couple of seconds, the blade isn't there. Then suddenly, it pops
out of the cane.
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/

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Episode 32 - The Assassin

- "During the end, in the close-up shot of Nicholas's neck when the chip inside
of him melts away, the collar next to his neck looks nothing like what he is actually wearing.
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/

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