Flubs of M:I - The new Series: Season One

Goofs concerning bad storyline can be found here: http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/
I try to find flubs of a kind that something is shown that is definetly false

All flubs are discovered by Felix Fischer, unless someone else is mentioned.

Episode  8 - The Pawn

- In one shot during the second game of chess -when the "referee" holds the pawns in his hands- the game board is the other way around, meaning black and white are switched. According to an anonymous  discoverer


Episode  10 - The Lions

- This is only a minor flub, but it is exemplary for the new series: At his arrival Jim crosses a suspension bridge by car and the bridge doesn't move or sway at all. You can clearly see that the bridge and landscape is only a painting. The new series has often cheap culisses. FF

- As the Team arrives, Grant jumps out of an Airplane (with a white parachute), followed by an black parachute carrying a box with his equipment.
In a short shot you can see that not a box but a white dressed man using that black parachute jumps out of the plane. FF

As the box with Grant's equipment lands, it is obvious that somebody out of camera-sight drops that parachute. If a parachute reaches the ground it is wide open filled with air...  not folded. FF

- Shortly after the lions melted inside the safe, priest Ki opens the safe and finds the melted lions. But this time he opens the safe immediately without using the key first! FF

- In the final scene, all 5 Team-Members leave the palace through an iron gate. However, Grant, Max und Casey did allready leave the palace through the very same gate in the night before. FF


Episode  12 - The Fortune
- Right be
fore Emilia goes outside to retrieve Casey, we see Casey's face
filling all nine of Emilia's security montiors. This wouldn't be possible since Emilia's guards are
right in front of Casey; because of this, no security camera would be able to get such an up-
close shot of Casey's face.
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/

 - On the video screen which tells Jim what the mission is, we see a still shot of
the Berezan's attorney, Carl Cruthers. However, this is obviously just a still shot of Cruthers
during the scene in which he is introduced. I guess the creators forgot to film an extra image of
him to place in the mission-receiving scene, so they had to use the same footage of him from
the actual episode.
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/

 - In the videotape that Jim shows to Emilia in which Nicholas puts on a
Berezan mask, it is clear to see he is in fact not looking in a mirror. Nicholas begins putting on
the mask, then the camera begins to move behind him. When Nicholas is finished putting on
the mask, he has now become "Berezan." However, here is where the mistake happens: The
hand movements of Nicholas don't match the hand movements of Nicholas's reflection in the
mirror! Nicholas puts his hands behind his head, but his reflection shows him putting one hand
on his forehead and one hand on his chin.
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/


Episode  16 - The Plague
Nicholas drops the glass containing the virus. His team radios him that he has got 15 seonds left. Those 15 seconds last for half a minute! ;-)   FF


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