Flubs Season Seven

7th Season

Episode 152 - The Deal

After roughly 11 minutes, when Willy is is seen swimming, you can spot for a short moment the rail of the film teams's boat. Spotted by Peter Mueller.

"When the episode opens, the image of Rio De Janeiro flashes on
screen. This means that this episode takes place on Brazil. But during the episode, we
see a lot of outdoors, names and words in spanish (like cocaina, sinor, and cosas).
The language of Brazil is NOT Spanish! It's PORTUGUESE! The director didn't studied
geography enough."

This Flub was taken from  http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/ and was sent in by F.D. Pedro.

Episode 156 - Underground

Tobias Kurzmaier noticed that you can see the microphone of the TV-team on the upper side of the picture (13:02 Minutes und 34:55 Minutes in the German DVD version).


Episode 157 - Movie

At the very end Jim asks for the watch, wearing a white shirt. In a close-up we see how he shows his gun. But  in this close-up he is wearing a bright blue shirt. 


Episode 161 - Crack-Up

The same shot viewing through the small window in the white door of the cell is used several times.
You can tell because the breath condensating on the glass is exactly equal.

In the final scene, when the car of the IMF stops it stands half way into the tunnel (red arrow). But when the woman enters the car of the IMF there is no tunnel at the rear of the car. The car stands completly outside. In the very final shot the IMF car is in the tunnel again before it drives away.  


Episode 162 - The Puppet

Joseph Ruskin played the bad guy in many episodes. But this time he works for the IMF-Team!

-The pretended gangster Paul (the double) lies unconsciously on the lawn at 36:22 Minutes (German DVD version). He wears white shoes and beige socks. Few seconds later at 37:08 Minutes, as Barney hcarries him away, Paul doesn't wear any shoes or socks and is barefoot. Spotted by Tobias Kurzmaier

- After 37:16 Minutes (German DVD version) the double moves his right arm while it should be unconscious. Reported by Tobias Kurzmaier


Episode 163 - Trommeln in der Nacht (Incarcerate)

When the dead guard is pulled out the water (after about 24 minutes) the actor helps with his legs! Spotted by Peter Mueller


Episode 169 - The Pendulum 

-Gunnar Malstrom, Casey und Willy are inside Apollo's Golden Chariot at the beginning of this episode. This is the restaurant which belonged to badguy Mike Apollo in episode 153 "Leona". Spotted by Benjamin Niermann, Patrick White, me and many others. Go on - Keep reporting flubs!!!


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