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4th Season


Episode 79 - The Code

- Russell Martin noticed: When Phelps and Willy are looking at the videotape of the bad guys and their coded message, Phelps tells Willy to run the tape forward.  A bit later, he tells him to run it in reverse.  Then he tells him to stop the tape.  When Willy stops the tape, we see his hand move the control knob from the "forward" position (not the "reverse" one) to the "stop" position. (I haven't checked this one yet, but Russel is a very reliable source!)

- And another one by Russell Martin: In "The Code," we see a sign that says:
But in Spanish, an exclamation not only ends with a regular exclamation mark, it begins with that language's unique upside-down exclamation mark. ¡Like this!

Episode 81 - The Controllers, Part I

- Barney brings two suitcases to Willy's cell. Willy stores them in the corner left from the door. In one shot the suitcases are missing. Spotted by Felix Fischer


Episode 82 - The Controllers, Part II

- Barney climbs that water tower. This water tower belongs to the Desilu-Studios which produces the series just as all the other buildings. From P.J. Whites M:I Dossier Book

-As Barney climbs the top ladder, one rung breaks off. Later we see Barney climbing up again and we see the ladder from a distance - I stopped the picture and zoomed....... No rung was missing. Obviously the scene where the rung breaks off was shot somewhere else. Spotted by Felix Fischer

- Even though it is not a traditional flub, I cite a "noncorformity" which Chamdo mailed to me: I found another flub for episode in Mission: Impossible, Episode 82 - The Controllers, Part II. Near the very end of the episode, actress Dina Merrill turns her head and looks straight at the camera briefly and then turns back as she and the team are leaving and getting into the truck. I have attached a jpeg of an image of this. As I'm sure you know, at this time in the series, Dina Merrill was brought in very quickly to replace Barbara Bain, so this is her one and only Mission....so I guess she is allowed to make such a mistake!


Episode 83 - Fool's Gold

- At the very end we see (in a car mirror) Jim walking to the team's car. You can clearly see that there is another car paring right in front of the car that the team uses. As Willy drives away, there is no car parking there at all. 

- Russel Martin reported: In "Fool's Gold," bank guard Willy creates a diversion by sweeping a number of coin rolls off a tabletop and onto the floor. As he does this, we can see that he sweeps over every single coin roll -- but in the very next shot, as the men stoop to pick them up, a few have somehow already reappeared on the table top!


Episode 84 -  Commandante

- In the scene where the helicopter explodes (on German DVD at 40:00 minutes), you can see a scond later that the helicopter did indeed NOT explode but flies away. You can spot it on the lower left half of the picture. Spotted  by Bastian Hänisch


Episode 85 - The Double Circle

- Parts of this Tape-Scene (close-ops of the player) were taken from the Tape-Scenes in Episode "42-Echo of Yesterday" and "57-The Mercenaries". 

- Andrew from California mailed another flub: "I just watched the episode titled "The Double Circle" from season 4. There is a goof towards the end when Barney is figuring out the way to properly open the real safe. He stands in the room looking at the false wall with the false safe on it. When he finishes looking at it he signals his partner to raise it up through the ceiling which he does. There is no way it would fit without him taking off the back of the safe that is still attached to the wall."


Episode 86 - Submarine

- One close-up of the player during the tape-scene shows a different player. 


Episode 90 - Time Bomb

- "For trivia buffs, we see Malik using a remote manipulator on his detonation device twice: once at the beginning of the show, when he's looking smart, and once at the end, when he's a bit dishevelled. However, some of the later footage is used in the earlier scene, so Malik goes from smart to dishevelled and back to smart again!"
Taken from Dave Brown's website


Episode 92 - The Falcon, part III

- The gate to Stefan's prison is an entrance to Paramount Studios. 
("The Complete M:I Dossier" writes on page 251: "... and Stephans prison is all too clearly Paramount Studios, its arched gates unmistakable.") According to Dave Brown the gate might be the  Bronson Gate which you can see on the left picture. Notice the two columns at each side of the arche (they are painted brown today, but you can still recognize them in the left screenshot). Also notice the small window at the right side of the arch. The only thing that does not match is the upper left window which is missing on the left picture. But maybe they removed that in later years.

- Barney closes the hole in the wooden floor. But  the square sticks out quite a bit. Furthermore, have a look at his flashlight. He forgot to turn it on, so it should be absolutely dark!


Episode 94 - The Falcon, part III

- "Footage of Barney climbing an Elevator shaft is lifted from Episode "Doomsday""(Ep.70).
Taken from "The Complete M:I Dossier" page 251.


- Colonel Vargas opens General Sabbatinis Safe, accompanied by the fortune-teller (lower left picture) In a close-up of Vargas hand opening the safe (lower right picture) you can see the electronic device that Paris (disguised as the prince) used to open the safe in part II (Episode 93, upper picture).  Spotted by Felix Fischer


Episode 97 - Phantoms

- Tape scene is the same as  in "61-The Diplomat" and "70-Doomsday".


Episode 98 - Terror

- Russel Martin reports: In "Terror," the word "Sergeant" on Barney's military ID card is spelled wrong.

- Tobias Kurzmaier spotted the following: The allied woman shows the mass murderer a pocket watch. According to this watch it's five minutes till eight and she tells the mass murderer that the explosion will happen at nine o'clock. A few seconds later you can see Barneys wrist watch displaying five minutes till six (even though this scene takes place later).


Episode 99 - Lover's Knot

- Tape scene is the same as  in "61-The Diplomat" and "70-Doomsday".

- The show was shot in and around Los Angeles, but pretends to be in England. A real flub is the wrong road markings. The markings are yellow, as they are in America, not white, as they *always* are in Britain.
Dave Brown reported this one.

- Dave Brown wrote furthermore: "Also we see behind Jim's car when he stops, some very impressive-looking mountains. Now, we're not told how far from London the Weston estate is, but the implication is that it's fairly close - say only an hour or two's drive. There are no mountains like that (or even remotely like that) within 4 hours drive at least from the centre of London."

-The armed guard at the entrance to the Weston estate is highly illegal! (Keep in mind that in England even Police Bobbys don't carry guns.) Another one reported by Dave Brown.

Episode 100 - Orpheus

- The White One-Way sign in the last scene is pure invention (The white sign reads "Einbahnstrasse, which is German for "One-Way"). Neither in West- nor in Eastgermany did such a white sign exist. What the real One-Way signs looks like: see right picture. Spotted by Felix Fischer


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