Flubs Season Three


3rd Season


Episode 54 - The Heir Apparent

- Wenn Willy and Barny enter the tomb, the rock they move is a little bit larger as all other as it goes above the seam... spotted by Carsten Lammerskötter

- There is a big flub in Rollins removal of his disguise as Dr. Hohlsein. First he remove the pocket on his left chest. As he removes his collar, the pocket is there again. When he removes his glasses, the pocket is gone again! spotted by Carsten Lammerskötter

- Beim Abführen von General Qaisette steht der alte Fürst die ganze Zeit neben dem Erzbischof am Altar. Bei einer Aufnahme des Publikums in dieser Szene sieht man den Fürst aber noch auf der Bank sitzen. Hier wurde eine frühere Szene wiederverwendet. Carsten Lammerskötter hat mich auf diesen Fehler aufmerksam gemacht

- Carsten Lammerskötter noticed that the 2-dot-mark made by Willy on the box look different compared to those which are touched by Cinnamon. Indeed he is right.  I noticed furthermore that they are even in differen positions. Just compare the left picture (Willy creating the dots) and the right one (Cinnamon touching the dots). However, it might not be a flub. The dialogue in the appartment-scene ist not very clear - but it might be, that Willy has created more then just one 2-dot-mark. Felix. 


Episode 56 - The Contender, Part II

 "While Barney is fighting in a boxing match as Richie Lemoine, the real Richie sits next to Jim in the audience. As the fight nears the end, Jim says to the real Richie, "You'd better get changed," so Richie leaves. Then Barney, as Richie, gets a cut in the forehead. Later, we see the real Richie assuming his place and has a bandage on his forhead in the exact same place where Barney had gotten cut, even though he hadn't even seen Barney after the match yet. So how did the real Richie know where to put the bandage?"
This Flub  was taken from  http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/ and was one of fX's "Golden Eyeballs".


Episode 57 - The Mercenaries

- The Tape-Scene is exactly the same as in episode "42-Echo of Yesterday". They only exchanged the photos and made a mistake: In the background of the photo that shows the rebel-general, you can see a completly different reel-to-reel-tape-recorder. In this episode Jim is using a 8-track-recorder build-in in a car, not a reel-to-reel-recorder. Spotted by Felix Fischer

http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/  writes: "Rollin jumps in a lake to save his life, and later is shown examining a tape. How did he dry off so fast?"
 It is true that Rollin jumps into the water and is dry in his next appearance where he uses the phone. But between these two scenes Jim and Cinnamon were called by the general and arrived at the location where the gold was hidden. Then the gold was loaded into the truck and the general returned to his base. After he made his calls we see Rollin looking at the paper showing the name of the guards. Enough time to get dry or change clothes? Decide yourself!


Episode 58 - The Execution

At the conclusion of "The Execution," a lot of Duchell's dialogue has clearly been hastily dubbed in, as it doesn't quite match his lip movements.  For example, when he starts to talk, his voice says, "Get me out of here!  Get me out of here!" but his lips say, "Get me out of here!  Get me out!"  In particular, when Parma rips through the sheet and sees Duchell in the gas chamber, we hear Duchell babbling, but his mouth isn't moving at all.
Reported by Russell & Roxanne Martin.


Episode 61 - The Diplomat

- This red Fire Box in the Tape scene showed up before in similar Tape Scenes in "33/34-The Slave" and "48-The Counterfeiter". This Tape Scenes is exactly the same as in "70-Doomsday". Spotted by Felix Fischer

- After he killed the woman, the murderer leaves the room and closes the door (left picture). But as the IMF-Team rushes in few moments later, the door is open (right picture).  Spotted by Felix Fischer

- In one shot we see the microphone that he team uses to listen if the murderer has left. This shot of the microphone (first picture upper left) was taken from Episode 39 "The Council, Part I" (pictures upper right and lower two). I noticed as I recognized the bottom part of that statue. Spotted by Felix Fischer


Episode 63 - The Bargain

- Andrew from California spotted this one: Near the beginning of the episode when Phelps drives up to the outside of the Hotel I can clearly spot a California State Flag next to the American flag at the entrance to the hotel. This doesn't fit with the storyline of the episode because the hotel is supposed to be in Miami Beach, Florida so it should have been a Florida State Flag instead. This clearly shows they filmed the episode in Los Angeles and didn't take care of the small details like that.


Episode 65 - The Exchange

- After about 0,56 minutes (German DVD version) there is an advertising pillar with the words "NATIONALE LOTERIE". In German language there is a "T" missing. The word is correctly spelled "LOTTERIE". Spotted by Tobias Kurzmaier

- After about  26,40 min you can see a box labled "INDUSTRIÄLISHE". Such a word does not exist in the German language. Spotted by Tobias Kurzmaier

- After 44:24 min, the crew walsk towards the border crossing. There is a sign which reads in four different languages "You are leaving the western sector!". In French "West" reads "l'Ouest". However, the sign reads "L'OUST", so there is an "e" missing. Spotted by Philipp Rueegg

- After about 47,11 min  Carter and Phelps get "shot". As they get up again it becomes clear that the wore a bullet-proof vest. Nevertheless, their coats should show some bullet holes. At least Carters coat seem completely undamaged. Spotted Tobias Kurzmaier


Episode 66 - The Mind of Stefan Miklos

- As the team exchanges the documents inside the statue at the gallery, there is a camera next to Willy. I thought he might use it for making photos of the documents, but he never uses this camera. Spotted by Felix Fischer

- "Barney saws a hole in a wall and immediately finds himself in the base of a display case, but exterior shots of the display case show that it is in the middle of the next room, not connected to the wall that Barney sawed a hole through. Watch it and hopefully you'll see what I mean." 
This Flub  was taken from 

 - "Barney removes a panel in the display case; the statue inside is covering the hole. But is it? Look closely, and you'll see that the statue doesn't cover all of the panel; the corners can be seen."
This Flub  was taken from  http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/  
Good Catch:


Episode 69 - The Glass Cage

- Russell Martin wrote: "In the last act of "The Glass Cage," after Zelinko has questioned Barney and Willy, he and Cinnamon look at the register that records how often the secure area has been entered.  Item 27 has an "in" time but no "out" time.  A moment later, when Zelinko shows the register to his aide, an "out" time has appeared.  Yet nobody could have written in the register in the intervening period.  (This was particularly confusing because we were expecting the lack of an "out" time to be a plot point!)"

-  The ending shot of the IMF car driving away is the same as the one used in "The Carriers."  Even the credit "Executive Producer Bruce Geller" is in the "Courier" typeface used in the first season credits but not afterward! Spotted by Russell Martin.


Episode 70 - Doomsday

-  This red Fire Box in the Tape scene showed up before in similar Tape Scenes in "33/34-The Slave" and "48-The Counterfeiter". This Tape Scenes is exactly the same as in "61-The Diplomat". Spotted by Felix Fischer


Episode 71 - Live Bait

- Tobias Kurzmaier spotted this: After about 4 minutes  4,07 min we see quite long a plaza. This plaza is the parade ground in Zurich. On top of a building at the right side you can clearly see the Swiss flag.

-"After getting knocked off her bike, Cinnamon's hair goes from tied to untied, then tied again."
This Flub  was taken from  http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/ and was one of fX's "Golden Eyeballs.
I couldn't see the flub described above. But maybe that's due to my lack of knowledge concerning haircuts. Did they mean with "untied" what is shown on the middle picture?
- However, I realized something else. Cinnamon falls on her side - face down. Still, in a close-up we see her face looking up. Here are 3 Pictures in chronological order Spotted by Felix Fischer:


- Russel Martin found one more: In "Live Bait," Barney cuts a piece of film in half lengthwise, separating the half showing Kellerman from the half showing Rollin. He then joins the "Kellerman" half to another, specially-created half showing Jim. If you look closely at the half-frame (marked with an X) that Barney separates from the "Rollin" half, then at the half-frame that he joins to the "Jim" half a few seconds later, you can see that they are not the same. No doubt the producers found it easier to just shoot a genuine piece of film with Peter Graves and Anthony Zerbe than create a doctored film!

- Also from Russell Martin: In "Live Bait," when Stephanie wakes up and gets her bearings, she looks at a clock manufactured by the Seth Thomas company, a real-life American firm. IBack in those days Eastern European countries surely had not any American clocks on the walls!

- This episode takes place in a German-speaking fantasy country or in former Eastern Germany. Tobias Kurzmaier spotted some interesting things:
    -At 14,49 min: A house with the sign "das Alpenhaus"
    -At 23,14 min: A house with the sign "Hagmann Haus" (probably a reference to the director of this episode)
    -At 39,17 min: The Words "Klimaanlagenmaschine - Hauptsystem" (even though clearly German, the Words would not be used this way in Germany)


Episode 72/73 - The Bunker

- "The underground bunker explodes, supposedly because the fuel for
the test missile was re-mixed, however the initial explosions in the bunker do not come
from the fuel room where the fuel is located."
This Flub  was taken from  http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117/  

- Towards the end of Part Two of "The Bunker," we see a close-up of a clock as Jim and company are going up in the elevator. We can clearly see that the clock was manufactured by Swihart Products of Elwood, Indiana, U.S.A. Back in those days Eastern European underground complexes actually had not any American clocks on the walls! (reported by Rusell Martin)

Episode 74 - Nitro

At the very end, Skura (disguised as Hakim) removes his mask. With mask Skura (Martin Landau) has blue eyes. But just as he takes his mask off, Skura (now: Mark Lenard) has suddenly brown eyes.... without removing any contact-lenses. 


Episode 75 - Nicole

- Tobias Kurzmaier reported the following: After about 41 minutes Phelps throws away his rifle, because Nicole told him it contains blank cartridges and would be useless. Both continue their getaway - without rifle. At about 43,36 Nicole carries the rifle again!!!  

-Heidar Befus reported another flub: After about 29 minutes, als Jim Phelps and Nicole hide on the hayloft, Nicoles blouse has Jims blood on it on the right side. In the next scene as Nicole leaves the hayloft, there is no blood at all on her blouse. After about 37 minutes, after Nicole has returned to the hayloft, you can see the bloody spot again.!


Episode 77 - Illusion

"As Cinnamon and Rollin perform for the Traumerie Cafe, at one point the camera gives us a clear glimpse that Cinnamon is wearing black high-heel shoes. After the performance, Cinnamon invites Emil Skarbeck into her dressing room. As he enters, Cinnamon is removing not high-heel shoes from her feet, but instead leather boots." 
This Flub was taken fwas submitted by a German fan who wishes to stay anonymous.


Episode 78 - The Interrogator

-  Remember the lumberyard and torch in the Tape Scene? The Tape Scene is the same as in Episode "51-The Phoenix"!


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