Flubs Season One (Episode 15 to 28)

1st Season

Episode 15 - The Legacy

- The Tape-Scene is the same as in episode "7-Wheels".

- One of the Nazis tells about the book they have read so often: " Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf".
But Hitler's First Name was "Adolf" and not "Adolph".
In many English writings Hitler's name is spelled with "ph", but at least on a German book it should have been spelled correctly. They made the same mistake in an Indiana Jones Movie as well, where even Hitler himself spelled his own name wrong.

...and of course these German Nazis made their riddle in english language (eg. "cemetary" instead of "Friedhof")....
But I don't count that as a flub, because the episode was made for english speaking viewers who should have been able to read the riddle.


Episode 16 - The Reluctant Dragon

- The Tape-Scene is exactly the same as in Episode 3 - "Operation Rogosh".

- At the very end, Rollin and Jankowski fight and a shot is fired. Rollin is bleeding at his left lip. Except for one close-up, in which he bleeds at his right lip.  Discovered by Sebastian Rasch


Episode 18 - The Trial

Cinnamon's magazine cover is in the "yes" pile - even though she's not in the episode!
Roxanne Martin caught this one!

Bryan mailed this to me:
"There is a simple answer to this. Mission Impossible  often  re-used  taped message and dossier selection scenes in other episodes. (...)The dossier selection scene in the episode  "The Trial " was edited from the one used in "Memory ".  If you look closely  you can see Cinnamon , Willy and mind reader Joseph  Baresh's dossiers in the "chosen" pile in the episode "The Trial".  The interesting thing is that you will not  find Rollin's dossier in that pile because in the episode "Memory"  where this scene is from  he was not selected initially."  
Bryan is right! I marked Joseph's dossier with a red arrow!  


Episode 19 - The Diamond

- After the diamond expert is finished making a duplicate diamond, he hands it to Dan, who holds the diamond and a photograph of it in his right hand. In his left hand, he holds a magnifying glass. In shots showing Dan, he holds the magnifying glass over the diamond, but in close-up shots he holds the magnifying glass over the photograph.  
This Flub was taken from http://ourworld.cs.com/selfdestruct117


Episode 22 - The Confession

- In the dossier scene in "The Confession," once Dan has made his selections, his piles should end up with a photo of a woman in a V-neck sweater on top of the "no" pile, and Rollin's picture on top of the "yes" pile.  But in the (very brief) shot where the dossier lands on top of the photos, we see that the "no" pile is now topped by a photo of a bald man in dark glasses, and the "yes" pile by Joseph Baresh's brochure from "Memory"! 
Roxanne and Russell Martin reported this flub to me! Good catch!
And by the way: We know this woman in the V-neck sweater... Have a look at the flubs in Episode 18 "The Trial!". Seems to be another case of heavy re-use of dossier scenes.

- Senator MacMillan paints two green marks on Briggs' painting. In the next scene they are gone! 


Episode 24 - The Train

-The Tape-Scene is the same as in episode "10-The Carriers".

- Russell and Roxanne Martin wrote: "In the dossier scene in "The Train," surgeon Selby and director Donovan's items land on the "yes" pile, then seem to disappear when further photos are added.  I think other episodes dealt with this problem by putting any guest spies last!" 
Right, again we see re-used dossier scenes cut together. We also see the woman in the V-neck sweater again ;-)

- Cinnamon smuggles the foil to manipulate the X-ray in her belt in the hospital. But where from comes the roller? It's not standard equipment of a hospital! 


Episode 26 - A Cube Of Sugar

-A few minutes before the end of "A Cube of Sugar", Willy has the unconscious Deane hoisted over his shoulder.  As he loads him into the back of the IMF vehicle, you can see the "unconscious" man brace himself by putting his hand on Willy's backside. Roxanne Martin spotted this one!

Episode 28 - The Psychic

In Briggs' apartment,  Rollin demonstrates how he exchanges four playing cards. When he places the cards on the table, the top card is a heart seven. When he holds the cards in his hand under the table, the top card is a four of spades. But this card should be second below the seven of hearts. 

Bryan mailed me another flub:
"(...)the dossier selection process in the episode "The Psychic"  is partially re-edited from the pilot  episode.  That is why  the fish tank appears directly behind  Briggs  in the  episode  "The Psychic " where it should not be by that point in time .  Only in that  first episode was the fish  tank in that specific location." 
Again, Bryan is right! Furthermore, during the apartment scene there is a brown shelf in front of the fish tank which was not there during the dossier selection. You cannot see the shelf behind Briggs on the first picture. But on the second picture during the apartment scene you can clearly see that it's high enough to cover up a bit of the fish tank and therefore should have been visible behind Briggs. This also proves what Bryan said.

Roxanne and Russell Martin found another one:
"In the dossier scene in "The Psychic," Dan selects an item from the dossier.  On one side we see a theatrical program with actor Byron Miller's name circled.  He turns it over and on the other side we see Miller's photo.  We cut to a shot where the camera faces Dan as he flips Miller onto the "yes" pile, but the side of the item we see in that shot does not match either side we had previously seen.  From the brief glimpse we get, it looks like the back of a magazine."


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