Flubs Season One (Episode 1 - 14)

I have not yet translated all Flubs on this page.

1st Season
Episode 1 - Mission:Impossible  (Pilot)

Before Dan and his team ambush Dominguez, Cinnamon is seen wheeling
her covered up, invalid
husband into the lobby. Suddenly Rollin disguised as Dominguez appears. Since all others of the Team  are busy, who's in the wheelchair? [Flub taken from the Complete Mission Impossible Dossier]
Here are some scenes missing. 

Rollin dressed up as Dominguez in his room. For that reason he couldn't walk through the hotel to the real Dominguez' room. Therefore Cinnamon wheels the disguised Rollin (coverd with blanket and hat) to the lobby. When she draws the guards attention, Rollin leaves the wheelchair unnoticed and takes blanket & hat off and (here does the episode continue) talks to the guards. But what happened with the empty wheelchair? 

The whole team leaves the hotel at the end. You can see Cinnoman standing like frozen in the left corner. Obviously she was thinking that she was not in the picture and was waiting for her timing to walk through the scene. On the first three pictures you can see Willy moving around and Cinnamon standing like frozen in the hall, before she finally starts to walk (picture four).

Where does the hijacked emergency-car come from?
During their escape, Dan fires once and hits a spotlight and a soldier to its right.  

- Barney sits in a Car smoking a tab-end cigarette. When he operates the wiretap listening device his cigarette is longer as it was before. Reported by Carsten Lammerskötter.


Episode 2 - Memory

- Am Anfang sieht sich Briggs wie immer die Bilder von seinem Team an. Er wirft die Bilder auf den Tisch. Auf dem Tisch steht NUR ein Aschenbecher. Jedoch als er das letzte Bild anschaut und hinwirft steht da eine weiße Schatulle, die zuvor nicht dort stand. Entdeckt von Florian Brandt

- Briggs takes photos of Cinnamon in front of a fire squad. Suddenly someone cries "fire" and all firemen run away. At this moment you can see cinnamon having her coat hanging over her shoulder and from one cut to the other the coat hangs over her right forearm. Reported by Sebastian Rasch

- Als der Folterknecht die Glasflasche mit dem Schnaps auf den Teppichboden stellt, ist dies eine Zierglasflasche. Als ein paar Szenen später die Flasche in Groß gezeigt wird, ist es eine Normalglasflasche und hat keine Verzierungen. Gleich darauf in der Szene nimmt der Folterknecht die Flasche in die Hand und es ist wieder eine Zierglasflsche. Hier ist für die Großaufnahme eine andere Flasche verwendet worden. Mitgeteilt von Florian Brandt


Episode 3 - Operation Rogosh

- In the dossier-scene, the different shots of dossiers on the table and Dan looking at dossiers and throwing them on the table do not match. Sometime there are more than 4 dossieres on the table and sometimes only those of Barney, Cinnemon and Willy. Reported by Carsten Lammerskötter.

- In der Zelle wirft Imry Rogosh die Zigaretten, Geldscheine, Kleingeld, Karte und Brieftasche auf das Bett. Alles kommt kurz vor der Wand zum liegen. In der nächsten Einstellung, als Rogosh aufsteht liegen die Sachen mitten auf dem Bett. Mitgeteilt von Carsten Lammerskötter.

- Nachdem Rogosh im Gerichtssaal unter dem Stuhl das Schild des Filmverleihs sieht, wirft er den Stuhl komplett um. In der nächsten Einstellung lehnt der Stuhl an der Wand. Mitgeteilt von Carsten Lammerskötter.


Episode 4 - Old Man Out, Part I

- In the tape scene Briggs throws a shadow at the film. As soon as the film is shown in full size, the shadow is gone. 

- Briggs puts the tape in a bowl filled with red powder. Shortly before the powder starts burning (after a cut) the powder is black. You can only notice this in slow-motion. 


I still need to translate the following flubs of this episode:

- Carsten Lammerskötter hat mir folgendes gemailt: Als bei Rolin im Gefängnis der Pfeifenstopfer gefunden wird und er seine Sachen nimmt, liegen sie ganz anders, als bei der nächsten Einstellung wo Rolin dem Wachmann wieder den Dietrich abnimmt. Auf dem Weg zur Zelle liegen sie wieder unterschiedlich zu den vorherigen Einstellungen. -1- Rolin legt die Schuhe in Armbeuge, dann legt er das Hemd darüber. Der Wachmann legt die Hose oberdrauf.(Hosenbeine schlabbern rum) -2- Nächste Einstellung.. Hemd und Hose sind relativ ordentlich gefaltet. Schuhe in der Hand.-3- Schuhe wieder in Armbeuge. Hemd hängt herunter.

- Carsten Lammerskötter hat noch etwas gefunden: Die Schuhe von Chrystal liegen bei der 2. Show vor dem Auftritt anders, als nach dem Auftritt. (Okay. Willy könnte sie ordentlich gelegt haben, aber unwahrscheinlich, da er das Seil sichern mußte)

- Als die Wachleute in die Zelle des Kardinals reinleuchten liegt die Decke anders, als in der nächsten Einstellung, als sie reingehen und die Decke wegziehen. Mitgeteilt von Carsten Lammerskötter

- Die Zeiger und das Ziffernblatt der großen Turmuhr sind um 7 Uhr ( beim ersten Mal ) anders, als um 11 Uhr. Mitgeteilt von Carsten Lammerskötter

- Als die Turmuhr in der deutschen Fassung zum zweiten Mal 7 Uhr schlägt gongt sie nur 5 mal. Mitgeteilt von Carsten Lammerskötter

Folge 5 - Die Artisten, Teil II  (Old Man Out, Part II)

- Carsten Lammerskötter weist darauf hin, dass der Auftragstext nicht mit dem Auftragstext der 1. Folge übereinstimmt. Er ist gekürzt und anders zusammengefass:
  Teil 1- "Das ist Kardinal Anton Vossek. Obwohl über 80..... Während der Verhöre wird er im obersten Stockwerk dieses Gebäudes gefangen gehalten. Das ist das Gefängnis Seravno und liegt..."
  Teil 2-  "Das ist Kardinal Anton Vossek, der im obersten Stockwerk dieses Gebäudes dem Gefängnis Seravno gefangen und verhört wird. Das Gefängnis liegt..."

- Rolins Bettdecke sieht in der Großaufnahme anders aus, als in der nächsten Einstellung als die Wachen reinleuchten. Mitgeteilt von Carsten Lammerskötter

- Beim Rausgehen aus der Sicherheitszelle greift Rolin dem Kardinal unter die Achseln um ihn zu stützen. Als der Anruf des Kommandanten kommt hält Rolin den Kardinal mit der linken Hand anders. Mitgeteilt von Carsten Lammerskötter

- Am Ende des zweiten Teiles kann das Kobra Team nur mit Vossek fliehen, nachdem Clown Barney sich ans Klavier gesetzt hat und das Telefongespräch der Grenzposten mit dem Harmonium übertönt. Das tönt aber immer noch in der selben Lautstärke, selbst als alle Fahrzeuge lang über die Grenze sind. Entdeckt von Benjamin Niermann



Episode 6 - Odds on Evil

This Episode contains so many errors, I cannot list them all. This probably due to heavy cutting and editing.
- First of all that "tiny principality with a famous casino" looks pretty much like Monaco. Even Prince Kostas looks like Prince Rainier of Monaco (who later married Grace Kelly).

- In the apartment-scene they introduce a watch showing the winning number in advance.
Even so there should be only seconds between the cuts, the watch shows  a completly different time (3 different times in the apartment-scene. On the upper two pictures you can tell showing once 1:55 and once 8:35 ). This error repeats throughout the whole episode. I've counted nine different clock-times in the casino. The lower two picture were taken inside the casino.

- In the apartment-scene Andre makes his bid on number 17 (upper left pic). The game-board inside the casino looks completly different, so do the jetons (upper right). Still, the scene showing Andres hand making a bid on no. 17 was used several times in casino-sequences. Once, as the team enters the casino for the first time (lower left) and second when Rollin play baccarat for the first time. It's always the same sequence showing the same hand making a bid on the 17.  

- Another goof was spotted and reported to me by Florian Brandt: When Rollin examines the playing cards he pinches a club number in his microscope. But when he changes the colored glass, it's a king of clubs.


Episode 7 - Wheels

- Captain Trez asks Cinnamon to come with him to the headquarter. There, she  answers questions of the nationalist leader (Trez is there too). There are some windows in the background through which you have a view over the city. But if you look closely, the city is not real but a scenery-painting.  


Episode 8 - The Ransom

- Russell Martin reported a flub in the dossier scene: "If you look at the picture of Steve (the guy who replaces Augie Gorman in the hospital), and then at the picture Dan then puts down on top of Dr. Green's, you'll see they're not the same.  The picture Dan puts down seems to be of a man wearing an open-necked shirt rather than a tie, as Steve is wearing."

- Furthermore, we only see Dan take out the photos of Rollin, Dr. Green and Steve, after which he closes up the dossier, even though (of course) Cinnamon, Barney and Willy are also part of the team in this episode. Also reported by Russell Martin

- When Egan shows up at the garage and sees (among others) the disguised Rollin, both are of course played by William Smithers, except in the one shot where Egan is forced to get rid of his gun.  Since that shot includes both "Egans," they used Martin Landau wearing a pair of shaded glasses.  But since Landau's hair is much darker than Smithers', it almost looks as if he's already taken off his disguise. Once Again reported by Russel Martin

Episode 9 - A Spool There Was

- Peter Müller reported the following: As Dan enters the room to get his orders, a service woman gives him a pile of laundry. First you can clearly see a piece of cardboard sticking out the laundry in Dan's direction. After the laundry has been handed over, the cardboard is fully covered by laundry.


Episode 11 - Zubrovnik's Ghost

- For this Episode different German Shepard dogs were used. You can tell if you watch for the fell, especially in the face. Discovered by Sebastian Rasch


Episode 12 - Fake Out

At the beginning, in one shot the tape reels are shown in a close up. You can see a small metal bolt in the middle of the reel (second picture). But when the tape-recorder ist shown, there are no metall bolts at all. The reels shown do not belong to that recorder! In fact, the reels shown with that metal bolt do belong to the large reel-to-reel-recorder shown in Episode "7-Wheels" and "15-The Legacy" (last two pictures).


Episode 13 - Elena

Again, the tape reels are shown in a close up. You can see a small metal bolt in the middle of the reel.
But when the tape-recorder ist shown, there are no metall bolts at all. The reels shown do not belong to that recorder! In fact, the reels shown with that metal bolt do belong to the large reel-to-reel-recorder shown in Episode "7-Wheels" and "15-The Legacy" (see pictures above).

- Rollin is cought being together with Elena by Miguel. He threatens Rollin with a gun but Rollin can punch it away. During the fight of Rollin and Miguel you can see the gun laying on the floor. But from different angels the gun lays slightly different. You can tell pretty good if you watch for the white lines on the floor. I marked the gun with an arrow and its other position with a cross.  Thanks to Sebastian Rasch for spotting this one

- Rollin comes back to his room in the hotel and gets into a fight. He becomes unconscious and fall with his head sidewise to his bed. When he wakes up, he lies at the foot end of the bed. Furthermore, there is a red microscope next to his head, which has not been there before. Reported by Peter Müller


Episode 14 - The Short Tail Spy

- The Tape-Scene is the same as in episode "04/05-Old Man Out" and has the same red/black powder flub.

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