Common Flubs

Flubs that reoccur often during the series

- False Hand
For close-ups of hands the show used models often. This way it can happen that you see Casey writing left handed in episode 137 "Blues", but the close-up shows a writing right hand. So everytime we see eg. Barneys hand screwing something off, it is quite often not the hand of Greg Morris but of somebody who we don't know. Therefore the hands of the actors look often different in close-ups. 

- Re-used scenes
TV shows need to be produced as cheap as possible because there are no big budgets availble (compared to movies). Therefore, similar scenes were not shot again, but re-used. This happened often in tape and appartment scenes. 

- Known faces
Many Guest-Stars reappear throughout the series over and over again. Especially the bad guys in the first seasons are played by few reappearing actors. 

Sid Haig in 8 episodes
John Vernon in 6 episodes (but there was one three-parter so in fact there are only 4 episodes)
Albert Paulsen in 5 episodes
Anthony Zerbes in 5 episodes
Pernell Roberts in 4 episodes
Joseph Ruskin in 4 episodes
Jason Evers in 4 episodes
William Windom in 4 episodes

Even small parts weren given to the same actor over and over again. According to BryanH362 Arline Anderson played the following parts (often unbilled):
A SPOOL THERE WAS (opening scene: as a maid who directs Briggs to the >room with his mission instructions) 
ACTION! ( as the receptionist who directs Cinnamon to the mission >instructions) 
THE TRAITOR (telephone receptionist at ALL WEATHER HEATING ) 
CHARITY (as Mrs. Krueger ) 
THE FALCON (as receptionist) 
THE DEAL (drive up bank teller who hands of the mission instructions to >Phelps) 
KIDNAP (Sandra , the bank employee who assists Casey ) 
THE FIGHTER (telephone voice)


- Known places
You think you saw that House in the background before? You are most likely right. Many epiosdes were shot at the same place, especially within the property of Paramount and Desilu Studios. Sceneries of streets and fake houses were used over and over again. So sometimes you can recognize a house that you saw before. Even the administration buildings of the studios were used if a block of offices was needed. 
Here is an example taken from episode 124 Kitara (left) and episode 129 Encore, where you can see the same arches.


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