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On this webiste you will find the only (or at least the most complete) collection of items dealing with the TV-series "Mission: Impossible" and a complete list of flubs.

The following contents are available:

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Comics Rare: the only original Mission:Impossible comics.
Bücher und
Books and 
Books und covers of Magazines featuring the series.
Filmplakate  Movie Poster Movie posters of the 3 (!) Mission: Impossible movies, made between 1968 and 2000.
Fanartikel & 
Merchandise & 
Merchandise did exist in the 60s too! Have a look here for toys, games etc.
Musik Music Sound carriers of M:I-music.
Video Video A list of DVDs, VHS-Tapes und Laserdiscs. 
Filmfehler Flubs/Goofs A list of mistakes that happened in single episodes.
  Interviews Interview from Tom Bennett with Eartha Kitt.
  Article about  M:I 3 A newspaper-article about the latest M:I movie by John Small


Links A German and an English list of all websites dealing with Mission: Impossible.
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