There are several novels dealing with the series. There were also 80 p. thick annuals published in the UK, featuring comic-strips, pictures etc... To my knowledge this list is complete.  Furthermore there is an excellent episode-guide "The Complete Mission Impossible Dossier".    ....Back...


Mission impossible (#1), by John Tiger
NY Public Library USA 1967 

Mission:Impossible #2, Code Name: Judas,
 by Max Walter, NYPL USA 1968 

Mission Impossible # 3, Code Name: Rapier
by Max Walter, NY Public Library USA 1968
Thanks to Amanda for sending this photo.

Mission:Impossible #4, Code Name: Little Ivan,
  NYPL USA 1969

The Priceless Particle,
by Talmage Powell, Whitman USA1969

The Money Explosion, 
by Talmage Powell, Whitman USA 1970

Les Bouchčes Triples,
French Edition of  "The Priceless Particle" by Talmage Powell
France, 1972

OT: Mission Impossible, 1969
Germany, 1970

M:I Annual, UK 1968,
also published in the Netherlands

M:I Annual, UK 1969,
it contains comics, stories and riddles for children

BBC-TV Annual, UK 1972,
it contains comics and stories, obviously made for children

French book about the series, Mission: Impossible, written by Alain Carrazé and Martin Winckler, 214 pages, 110 b/w and coloured photos, Belgium 1993. 

The Complete Mission Impossible Dossier, 1991 by P. White
is an about ca. 480 p. strong episode-guide with lots of background-informations.

The same book, published in the UK 1996



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